Introduction: How to Be Pastel Goth

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So you want to dress pastel goth? Well this is the right place gurl. ;D If you don't know what it is, then I will tell ya right now.

Pastel Goth is Creepy mixed with Cute things. Such as eye balls and purple bat wings. Black mixed with pink and purple. Studded collars mixed with cat ears. Basically, it's goth mixed with pastel colors but with a hint of grunge. And if you don't know what and grunge and Goth is...well... that's a different ''How To''

ON WITH THE LESSON Go to the next step now m'kay~<3

Step 1: Accessories

((I made sure you understood what goth really is, so no worries.))


This is the easiest...Studded Collars, cross necklaces, rings or earrings along with bracelets. 90's jewelry (yes from the 90's it wasn't so bad back in the day.) Even the backpacks from back in the day with aliens on it works perfect. Chain necklaces and body harness with roses on it. Necklaces with stones on them, jewelry with skulls or skull shapes, eyeball bows ect. (You could DIY a lot of this.) Even anime inspired things are perfectly A- OK. If you want more ideas just look up pastel goth.

Example for backpacks:

AAAND For those who are into DIY~ here are some helpful links:

Step 2: Hair

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Now let's move onto the hair part. Most pastel goth girls have exactly pastel hair...okay maybe not but it's not black it has some color to it! It can be any color honestly and you can dye it or....wear wigs! Yes wigs, it's perfect for not damaging your hair.

Here is a great video though if you do not want to wear wigs or dye your hair.

Step 3: CLOTHING~!

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This as well should be easy. You can go to thrift stories and DIY your clothings! Down below will be some helpful links for those who wish to make there own. But other than that, there are also other sites you can buy pastel goth clothing. Such as Etsy, Amazon, Ebay (of course) Store Envy and Aliexpress. There are also some famous sites to buy from such as Dolls Kill and Black Milk Clothing. Of course you can also buy a lot of things from Hot topic as well. Things to look out for are leggings, platform shoes/sneakers, dressy kind of shoes, sweaters, dress shirts, skirts and dresses along with coats and hoodies for winter and fall. You can also look up the fashion your self to see what else you can keep your eyes out for.

Here at the links for Doing it your self~:

Step 4: Makeup

Here are some helpful links to how to do your makeup. It's goth but mixed with pastels~! Remember! You can also look up goth make up inspiration.

Step 5: Additional Links

This was a starter guide, but down below I will post some other helpful links to help you get started and into pastel goth~! BUT remember be yourself as always~! This fashion is not only for girls! Guys can dress in this too as well as plus sizes~! So go out there and proudly show off~!