Introduction: How to Be Polite on Instructables(Or Any Site Like It)

This Instructable is going to show you how to be a good member on any site like Instructables. Some of you will be able to just scan through this because you already practice the etiquette, but others, well... You get what I mean. This should be pretty self explanatory as to what its about, so the intro is kept short. Please remember that I am guilty as with most of you!

P.S. This 'Ible is a collaboration! PM me about it!

Step 1: Politeness in the Comments

It is beneficial to the user community of Instructables if you use at least some proper grammar and spellings in your comments.


how muc dose a 555timer cos?

I see so many of these types of comments... It diminishes in the quality of the site.

Better version:

How much would a 555 Timer IC cost and where could I buy one?


Notice the proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Putting your name at the end of a comment really adds to the effect, and makes you look just a little bit smarter.

Taking it a little bit too far:

I really like your Instructable, but I need help understanding part of it. My question is about the 555 Timer IC. Where would I buy one of these? I would like not to have to spend more than $10.00.


Now, that is great, but this IS a website. You don't HAVE to go that far. It isn't like you're writing letters...

Step 2: Stating Your Opinion

No matter how much the opposite you may think, your opinion on Instructables IS valued. The writers of Instructables want to hear from you, but they don't want to hear things like this:

this ible suks *****

I have kind of censored out one word in case of youngsters, but you should be able to guess at what it is, right?

You are allowed to criticize, but PLEASE, do it constructively. We don't want the comments here to turn into the comments on Youtube, where all some people talk about is how fat a kid is or how badly he needs to...
You get the picture.

Here's a better example:

I really think you've hit on a good idea here, but your Ible may need a little more work. You have a few wrong facts in there, and they should be righted:

1. Example
2. Example
3. Example
4. Etc.


Now, isn't that nicer?

Step 3: Etiquette in Instructables

The same rules go for your 'Ibles. You need to be nice and have good grammar, etc.

I often see things like this:

hw to make a laser ponter frm a led

When it should be this:

How to Make a Laser Pointer From a Normal LED The comments section below can be used for practice, but please don't try to make some statement to the world by purposely using horrible grammar. Also, I am not some neat freak who needs everything perfect. I. like most, am guilty of these mistakes. I used to make them all the time, but I have shaped up. Now be off! Go and make better the site! Please, give suggestions, etc. in the comments.

The End!

P.S. As for anybody who doesn't read through the 'Ible and makes very bad mistakes down below purposely, we all get to laugh at them! Mwahahahahahahaaaa!!!