Introduction: How to Be a MAD Scientist! MU-AH HA HA HA!

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OK, everyone wants to be remembered somehow. Be it in the field of writing, government or science MU-AH HA... sorry, NOT! Well if you want a one way shot at being imfamous, mad science is the path you should take. This instructable will take you though everything needed to become a mad scientist and maybe new world leader.

You will need

-To read carefully before you attempt any of these diabolical steps. The materials will be explained throughout the instructable.

PS For any mad college student you will have to be a mad intern before a mad scientist.

Step 1: Outfit/Gear

To do this instructable you will need to have the proper clothes and gear.

-Lab coat
they look cool

-Bad hair
very predictable

-Random beakers (not the muppet)

-Random chemicals

-Tesla coil or plasma sphere

-Machines with random flashing buttons

Step 2: Location

Any good mad scientist needs to have a location where nobody will bug them, the first part of being a mad scientist is to get some sort of lair. The cheapest, most predictable, and least expensive location is an old abandoned castle. Of course if you want to be a more modern scientist for money you can buy a private island. Either way make your decision over which lair suits you.

Step 3: Lair Sweet Lair

Every mad scientists lair has to be useful. My recommendation is to install several trapdoors, many plasma spheres or tesla coils, a large amount of lightning rods, and a lair theater system. All that is needed for a lair theater system is a subwoofer that can make you enemies tremble from a mile away, a surround sound system, a large CRT screen, and chains, you wouldn't just give your enemy comfort would you?

Step 4: Making Enemies

Why would mad scientists be mad if they didn't have enemies. The best way to make an enemy is to give a normal person super mutations. Then tell them their girlfriend is cheating on them. It always works.

If you can't find a person to make an enemy, think of when you when to Frankenstein High. Maybe it could be that goody two shoes who would always outdo you.

Step 5: Maniacal Laughing

There are several ways to maniacally laugh. Don't forget to do vocal warm ups!

There are three ways to do this, the first (low pitched)


The second (low pitched)


The third (modulated pitch)


Step 6: Plot

The most common one is to make a monster, but you can do other things like an earthquake generator, robot army, anything people will fear you for. Just make sure you have a way only you can stop it. Not like you usually will need to use it, MU AH HA HA HA.

Step 7: How to Do Mad Science (or at Least Look Cool Explaining Scientific Principals)

Mad science is basically following stereotypes set by normal scientists who looked crazy.

One of the best things to do (please don't attempt this one is for educational purposes only) is put some water in a beaker (don't forget what I told you about the muppet) and then some sodium. Don't forget to maniacally laugh!

Also mad scientists make monsters that will attack people. The cheapest way to do it, easiest to explain is to just have your friend get into a costume and run around scaring people. It seems every mad scientist does it on October 31st. Oh how that day confuses me. Every year other scientists monsters come to my lab say trick or treat, and as I choose trick and am about to pull the trapdoor lever they say "Nice costume" and leave. Has this happened to you before? If so please explain.

Step 8: The End

Please remember this instructable when you rule the world but please do not forget the author either. Also don't forget to vote for this insrtuctable, in the mad science fair contest.

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