Introduction: How to Beat Someone in Chess in Four Moves

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This is not an exact science and will not always work but is a way to end a game in a quick fashion. This Instructable implies that you already know how to play chess or at least no how to move each individual piece as it is supposed to operate. It will involve your queen, bishop and moving a single pawn out of the way. I would also not suggest this against particularly skilled players because they will most definitely see the move coming and it will put your queen at risk.

Step 1: Make It Easier for You

Because many chess pieces and boards differ from each other I will show my pieces so as to ease some possible confusion on which piece is which.

Step 2: The Actual Play

Now to actually show you how to do the described moves

Step 3: A Final Note

I would like to give a final reminder that although this maneuver is fun it is NOT full proof and can most definitely fail. Enjoy any future games of chess, and I hope that this will help you do so.