How to Become a Human Globe.

Introduction: How to Become a Human Globe.

Geography is cool. knowing geography is cooler. A human globe is a person who knows geography well enough to rival a world almanac. you will learn what countries border uzbekistan and the capital of Austria. Some people might say it would take savant status to memorize all of it but it is just not true.

oh yea, first instructable.

Step 1: Buy a Globe AND a Map AND a Almanac

the reason why i emphesized the word AND is because you need them all three in order to learn. Globes were around before 100bc. Any political globe will do with all the countries, rivers, oceans, time zones and anything else. an bonus is if it is one of the textured globes where the bumps represent the mountains.
the reason why globes are so important these days is because these days, alot of people actually believe that greenland ( is a large island the size of africa. Most of us were raised on the Mercurator projection ( no matter what way you do it, you cant get a round globe onto a flat paper without having it grossly disorted.
Maps are still useful in thier own ways. you can not see the exact geography of NYC without an atlas or the internet to help you. While maps and globes tell you what the physical geography is, almanacs tell you everything else. they can tell you about the turbulent history of Cuba or the formation of the European Union. Knowledge is power but knowing powerless knowledge (like all the imports and exports of imperial russia) wont help.

Step 2: The Hard Part

Take the globe and place it on your lap. look for the equator, that line running across the world like a karate belt. then look for the prime meridian, the other line across the globe that connects the top of the globe to the bottom. now look for england, its the 2 islands on top of europe.
England is one of the countries that are on the prime meridian, along with france,spain, algeria, mali, burkina, ghana, fiji, and russia. the reason why england is on the prime meridian is because when people invented the prime meridian, england was the main superpower of the world and wanted the "middle" of the world thru them.
now look at the globe, read the country names one by one and think of a fact that you know about them. what do you know about england? (they drink lots of tea) what do you know about france (they make good wine) what do you know about spain? (they speak spanish and used to be a superpower back in the 1600's) what do you know about turkey? (they have a city called istanbul that is on both europe and aisa) what do you know about saudi arabia? (they export petroleum and oil)

the list goes on and on. if you are absolutely clueless about a country like turkmenistan, wikipedia is your friend.(

Step 3: Dont Fry Your Brain!

You dont have to know alot about places that nobody ever talks about like Eritrea or kygyzstan or absurdistan. just try and think of the main parts, soon you will be on your way to becoming a human globe!

thanks to wikipedia

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    I find that I like having a map on the wall both as decoration and as a handy reference when someplace that I am unsure about is mentioned on the news.

    At my last job, the best thing about working there was the Wallpaper Game. The receptionist would pick a new wallpaper everyday and challenge me to guess where it was from.

    I took courses in ancient Greece and Roman cultures as electives in college to balance all of the biology & geology so I was forever saying things like: "hmm... that looks like Constantinople" She'd say - "Wrong! It is Istanbul". :-)


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Love the topic and you bring up excellent and true points. I especially liked the "absurdistan" line. Keep up the good work! And don't forget about all the other great maps in the news and magazines too.

    p.s. I graduated BS in Geography! I can't get enough of it!