Introduction: How to Make Flatware (spoon and Forks) Bracelets

I love to re-purpose old flatware into wearable works of art.  Here's how I do it.

Step 1:

I choose 2 matching pieces of flatware.

Step 2:

I pound it flat on the anvil portion of my vise.

Step 3:

I bend it with the flatware bender.  Purchased at

Step 4:

Here's a bunch that have been bent, and some that have been cut to length.  I like to make my bracelet sections 2 3/4" long.

Step 5:

I smooth the cut edge with my mini grinder.

Step 6:

Using a center punch, I mark where I'm going to drill the hole.

Step 7:

I drill out one hole on each end of the piece.  1/16" drill bit works for me.  I use a drill press vice to hold the piece in place while it's being drilled.

Step 8:

I use my dremel tool to clean and dress the drilled holes.  This makes everything smooth.

Step 9:

I buff and polish the sections with my full size bench grinder that have buffing/polishing wheels attached, or I also use a dremel flex shaft with the felt buffing wheels.  That's nice to get into the designs and gets the backside really well.

Step 10:

The piece on the left is before polishing, the piece on the right is polished and ready for the next step.

Step 11:

These pieces are ready for assembly

Step 12:

I get all my findings together and ready to assemble.  I hand wire the beads that are going to be used as the focal point of the bracelet.

Step 13:

I flux and solder each jump ring for added security.  I use a "third hand" to hold the piece for soldering.

Step 14:

I give it a final polish with Renaissance polish.  This helps to protect the piece and keep it from tarnishing.  Now this bracelet is ready for it's new owner!

Step 15:

We've come a long way since my father invented this tool. Check us out at