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Introduction: How to Bowl

Bowling is a fun thing to do on a rainy Saturday afternoon when you are bored to death or can be a thing that you do every week for fun. I for one am in a league and would like to give people the basics to bowling.Please Comment

Step 1: Picking a Ball

First you must find a ball that is heavy enough for you. For kids age 6-8 you should at least use a 6 pound ball. 8-10 years of age should use a 7 or an 8 pounder. 10-12 should at least use a 10 pound ball 12-14 11 or 12 pounds. and lastly for old teens and adults should use between 12 and 16. Now Put your middle finger in and your ring finger in the top two holes and your thumb in the bottom one.

Step 2: Scoring

The scoring system is simple. If you knock down 2 pins on you first ball and 3 on the next you have 5. So it is practically adding if you get below the number 10. If you get 8 on your first ball then two on the next it is a spare. If you get that on your first frame then you get a 2 and a 5 in the next your score is 19. To calculate this you take ten (because the total in the first frame is
10(8+2=10) then you add the first number of the second frame to it. Then simply add the total of your next frame. Then for a strike it is the same but you add the next two balls to the score. here is a sample. A guy gets a strike then gets two more. What is is score? It would be 30 in the first frame because he got a strike (10) then another one (+10) then another one (+10) which is 30 in his first frame.

Step 3: The Approach

You first need to get on the wooden part of the starting called the "approach". Next find the dots. For younger kids you have to go to the dots closer to the lane. For the older peeps you need to go to the ones that are at the back. Start walking towards the ally not going to fast (take about four steps starting with your right foot if you are a righty vise-versa for lefty). Swing your arm back then go forward with it. At the end of the approach were the lane starts throw your ball. After that you should bring your hand up and touch your ear as a follow though.Now go take your next ball and do it again.

Step 4: Bowling With "finger Tips"

Finger tips are little rubber plugs in a bowling ball. When your fingers come out your thumb comes out first thus creating spin. When putting your hands in a finger tip ball only put your top 2 fingers in to your fist knuckle. Now tilt the ball so that your thumb face 10 o'clock. Throw like it is a normal ball but of to the right of the pins more because it will curve in and hit the front pin and the one next to it (also known as the pocket).

Step 5: "Aiming"

When throwing the ball aim at the pocket(Between the front pin and the pin on its right again vise-versa for leftys) . A lighter ball won't knock down as many pins as a heavy one will. Aiming with a finger tip ball is harder. You must find which arrow on the lane to through at but first you must just bowl. Try to curve it so it hits the pocket. every time you throw it see were which arrow it hits once you find the right arrow keep hitting it there. It might be hard but it makes every bowler better.

Step 6: Getting Your Own Ball

When it comes time that you are sick of using house balls and would like to get your own you will need to know this. you must first ask the cashier for the book of designs. After looking through it and finding the right style you are going to need your fingers measured. After you get your new ball you are going to want finger tips. You have to bring your ball in and have them put the special plugs in.You will also want to get a bag for the ball because it looks stupid bringing in a ball with no bag and its easier.

Step 7: The End

thanks for reading my instructible. Comment and rate. Thanks if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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    1 year ago

    In the last scoring example, there’s no total score explained. If you get three strikes in the first three frames, and 0 pins in the rest, your total score is 50?


    My grandfather who was one of a very few to bowl two 900 series in a row always told me that when you make you follow through "shake the hand". I learned this and still use it. Make a motion like you are shaking someones hand. Second arrow with my hook gets them every time.


    8 years ago

    The pocket is on 17 board, or the area just right of the headpin


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Hi. I really like what you're trying to show with this instructable. I could certainly do with some tips on how to do it as I'm always getting beaten.
    It might be help me if you provided a few more pictures showing where to place your fingers, the plugs for spinning the ball and perhaps how and where the 'Pocket' is. I'm from the UK where bowling's not as popular as the US, so there's few places to go for good advice/tips here.
    'A picture says a thousand words', showing the pins arrangements with some simple graphics might make what your saying a little easier demonstrate and perhaps the scoring system too.
    So the arrow's on the lanes are for you to aim at? I always wondered what they were for.

    hungyhipo 2
    hungyhipo 2

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    for the fingers its very simple. If you are right handed put your right hand ring finger into the hole on the top right. Your right hand pointer goes into the one on the top left and your thumb on your right hand goes into the one on the bottom. Then pick it up and rotate your wrist 180 degrees so that your hand is under the balls. I'll label the pocket and you get fingertip plugs on your own ball if thats what you have or else a lane ball will not be plugged. They look like rubber rings 1/2 inch thick on the inside of the top 2 holes. The arrows do help you aim its more for when you are throwing a hook, which means you have the plugs. I usually start near the middle on the approach and throw over the 3rd arrow from the right which gives me a hook into the pocket.