Introduction: How to Braid

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Hey all you hair stylist out there! Hope this helps you learn how to braid! When I was ten I still did not know how to braid, until my friend showed me. I found that the best way to practice is with yarn, I have included a video of yarn braiding. Good luck! And please follow me!

Step 1: Step One: Yarn Braiding, Part One

I know you probably want to braid rope, or hair, but let's start with yarn. It nimbles the fingers and lets you hand get a feel for braiding. Plus, in the end you'll end up with a really awesome bookmark or bracelet. So, following the pictures above, let's start braiding!!!! You'll want to start out with three, evenly lengthened pieces of yarn. don't cut them very long, or you'll get tangles at the bottom. Tie the tops of the pieces together, and place them under something heavy. Now, take the strand farthest to the right, and pull it under the second farthest to the the right, or the middle, and the take the one farthest to the left, and pull it under the one in the middle. Repeat. Keep going until you have braided the whole thing, and then tie it off.

Step 2: Step Two: Yarn Braiding, Part Two.

Now you can use your braided yarn as a bookmark! Congratulations! You know how to braid! Practice with yarn braiding a bit before moving on to hair, or you may end up with some pretty nasty tangles.

Step 3: Step Three: Hair Braiding, Part One

Ok, so are you ready to braid some hair? I hope you practiced a bit with the yarn first, because if you're new to braiding it MAY CAUSE UN-UNDO ABLE KNOTS, OR DAMAGE HAIR, SO BE CAREFUL!!! Don't say I didn't warn you. So, to start you'll need somebody with fairly long hair. If yours is long enough, use yours. Or, even better, use a big doll's hair. So, part the hair into three even strands

Step 4: Step Four: Braiding Hair.

Now, just braid it like you would the yarn. Good luck! Hope all goes well!