Introduction: How to Build PC

This shows you how to build PC

Step 1:

Aquire the parts that you will need

Step 2:

Find an open space and some way to discharge static electricity.

if you discharge your static electricity on to the motherboard it will ruin it

Step 3:

Take out motherboard and set it on the cardboard box that it came in. this is just a precaution to help protect it.

Step 4:

Then unbox RAM, CPU, CPU fan and heatsink

Step 5:

Being careful not to break anything but the ram into the DIMM slot

Step 6:

Carefully take the CPU and without bending or breaking any pins put it into the CPU slot(Line up the triangles on the CPU and on the socket)


Step 7:

Lock the CPU in place by lowering the retention cable then add the heatsink and CPU fan

Step 8:

If you have a video card add it to the motherboard

when everything is added it might look something like this

Step 9:

Mount the motherboard in the case

Step 10:

Unbox your power supply and mount it in the case then plug it into the 24-Pin ATX slot on your motherboard. Plug the 4 pin into the 4 pin CPU power slot.

Step 11:

Unbox your hard drive mount it in the case then plug into the power supply and plug it into the motherboard using SATA port

Step 12:

If you have a cd/rom drive install that, plug into psu power and connect to motherboard with sata.

Step 13:

take the USB and LED light cables and plug them into the proper place on the motherboard (Labeled).

Step 14:

Close case flip switch on power supply to on, plug into wall and plug in monitor, mouse and keyboard.

Step 15:

install your desired operating system and you are good to go