Introduction: How to Build a Calvin and Hobbes Snowman, You Picked It!

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For the Snow Sculpture Speed Contest, a lot of people seemed to like my Calvin and Hobbes snowman instructable. But everyone has a favorite Calvin and Hobbes snowman strip, so nearly half the comments were suggestions on what strip to build next. When I saw the Snow Contest 2, I thought that since so many peopoe had good ideas before, I should let the instructables community pick what strip I should build. The most picked strip was the ice-cream scoop one, but a lot of people previously commented that they wanted me to build the strip where a snowman gets hit by a car. So, I decided to build both strips, and put them into one instructable. Enjoy.

Step 1: Materials for Both Strips

For this project you don't need much, and it's pretty easy to substitute items.

For the tools, I used:
                - woodsaw
                - shovel
                - a pair of hands
                -snowball thrower

The materials that we used are
               - snow (obviously)
               - carrots
               - electrical and scotch tape
               - twigs and sticks
               - paper

Step 2: Building the Bodies for the Ice-Cream Scoop Strip

Think of this as sort of a rough draft. For this step, you just want to get the bodies done, and it doesn't really matter what the bodies look like yet.

For the Ice-Cream Scoop strip, you want to first build the snowman that is enjoying the snow cone. Stack three big snowballs on top of each other, gradually getting smaller as you go higher. Make sure that his body is slightly leaning back. For the not-so-lucky snowman, roll the base of a snowman into place. Then roll the mid-section in front of it, and then the head in front of that so the snowman looks like it's lying down.

Step 3: Polishing It Up

For this step, you want to make the snowmen look nice. Smooth them down and make sure they are well rounded, the snow is clean, and there aren't any twigs sticking out; stuff like that.

Step 4: The Face and Buttons and Arms

In this step, you add the little stuff. For the eyes and the buttons, take a short piece of electrical tape and roll it up into a flattened circle. This will give you the eyes and buttons for the snowman enjoying a snow cone. Press them firmly where you want them to be, and you want to add a little snow around the edges to make sure they stick in. For the snowman with an ice-cream scoop in his back, the eyes are made by taking two small twigs and making a little x for the eye. Do this twice, once for each eye. For the noses, you can use a long carrot. Lastly, for the mouth, I took a snowball-thrower-toy-thingie that was only a couple of dollars. Take it apart, and you are left with a perfect scooper. I used this to scoop out the mouths, and it works perfectly. If you can't get one, you can just use your hands or an actually ice-cream scoop.
Also in this step, you are going to add the arms. For the snowman enjoying a snow cone, you want two sticks that have about a 90 degree angle. You want to make sure that one of the sticks has a bunch of twigs comig out of it so that it can hold a snowcone. For the snowman with an ice-cream scoop in his back, you want two flat sticks with about a 90 degree angle, but with these sticks the angles don't have to be perfect.

Step 5: Finishing It Up

Now, to finish the scene up. You have to make the snow cone for the snowman. I took a piece of paper and made a cone. Wow. I then took a scoop of snow and placed it in the cone, which I then carefully balanced in the snowman's hand. The last thing you need to do is grab an ice-cream scoop and make three scoops in the dead snowman's back. Then place the ice-cream scoop in his back, too. Now you are done! Making any last second adjustments, and admire your work!

Step 6: Building the Bodies for the Snowman Car Crash Strip

For the Snowman Car Crash Strip, you want to build three snowman close to each other, but not touching. You want them to form a semi half circle, so that you have enough room for the mid section and the head of a snowman lying down between the car and the group of snowmen. Next, build the head and the mid-section for the victim of the car crash. They shouldn't be touching each other.

Step 7: Making the Faces

First, you want to make the snowmen look nice.  Polish them up by smoothing them down, and making sure that they are well rounded, the snow is clean, and that there aren't any twigs sticking out; stuff like that. Next, add the eyes and the buttons, which are made from electrical tape. You will need about 24 of these. Lastly, take four carrots and place them as the noses for the snowmen.

Step 8: Making the Arms

For the arms, I used sticks. It's important to get the angles right, because it helps a lot with the joke.

Step 9: Making the Mouths

Like the arms, the mouths are important to the joke, too. To make the mouths, I scooped them out with a snowball thrower. For the decapetated snowman, I found a stick that was a half circle, and used that for the frown.

Step 10: Finishing It Off

Lastly, add the base of the victim snowman on the car. Be careful, because this might damage your car, so don't leave it on for too long. Now you are done. Finished!

Step 11: Thanks To...

I didn't have this on my last insructable, but for this instructable there are A LOT of people I need to thank. First off, the instructable community, for giving me good suggestions on my present and future instructables. Fungus Amungus, for putting my request on Facebook and for doing the contest. Thanks to hasha 2000 and thing 2 for the ice cream scoop snowman idea. And finally, thanks to Bill Waterson for being the genius behind it all and creating Calvin and Hobbes.

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