Introduction: How to Build a Computer. a Rundown on Computer Parts.

In this instructable I am going to attempt to show you how to build your own computer. I built this computer for about 700 with monitor. But you can build a computer for as little as 200-300 if you do it right. The lights, lighted fans and wire sleeves are not necessary but i think they look good.  I buy all my computer parts from NewEgg they are the least expensive place that I have found to buy from and if your not in a state where they have a warehouse there is NO TAX. Xpc has some great lighted accessories and it never hurts to check eBay. 

Note-The reason i don't have a graphics card is it arrived Dead and i sent it back. Computer parts. Computer Accessories. Everything else.


To begin you will want to gather all of your parts together.
The basic computer is built from:

Motherboard - Make sure the Mobo is compatible with the processor. It provides all of the pathways connections and lines to everything.

Processor - It is like the Human Brain. Everything that goes through your computer goes through the CPU at some point.

Power Supply - A PSU converts the alternating current power from a wall outlet into a direct current power source that the devices within a computer system use. Power supplies also serve to regulate and control the distribution of this power across several voltage levels.

Memory - Random Access Memory, or volatile memory, is used by the system to store data for processing by a computer's central processing unit (CPU)

Disk Drive - Is used for reading and writing Cd's or DVD's.

Hard Drive - Used to store data and operating system.

Operating System - It manages the hardware and software resources of the system.

Computer Case - It houses the whole lot of it. It should already come with fans but you can swap them out for lighted if there not already.

Those are the fundamental things you need for a computer.

Next A little about the Motherboard.

Step 1: Going Over the Motherboard.

Make sure that the motherboard you buy has the ports on the back that you want and need. Also if your still using Pata/Ide make sure it has that port as well. My mobo has both Sata and Pata.  Sorry for not showing you how to install the Processor (CPU) I had already put it on before i decided to make an instructable and i do not have any Thermal paste. You do not want to break the thermal paste seal if you do not have any thermal paste to replace it.  Please see the pictures for more information.

Please make sure all parts are compatible before buying them. Google it. or go to Eggxpert and ask them to tell you what you should buy within your budget.  You will have to make an account but it is worth it.

Step 2: Installation of Parts.

On to the installation of parts.
Remember NEVER DO THIS ON OR CLOSE TO THE CARPET. Static can jump up to 2 feet.

Tools Needed:

Pictures go with steps.

Step 1 Lay case on its side with a light above it so you can see well. Most of the time you will have to screw the studs for the mother board in your self. See pix 1 and 2.

Step 2 After studs are in place. Lay the mobo on top of them and make sure everything is aligned in the back. See pix 3 4 5 and 6.

Step 3 Carefully place the PSU in to position and screw it in tightly but do not strip the screw holes or it could make your computer restart if bumped. See pic 7.

Step 4 Insert the memory into place. Be careful as not to damage the memory. See pic 8.

Step 5 Insert Hard Drives and Disk Drives into there appropriate bays. And screw them in place. See pix 9 10 and 11.

Step 6 Place fans in there appropriate spots and make sure there in good.

Step 7 Make sure you have no screws left over. If you do find where they go now and put them in.

Next up Wiring.

Step 3: Wiring the Computer.

Now we get to the wiring of the parts. Make sure you triple check every connection twice lol. Nothing worse than getting your computer all put together and press the power button and nothing happens. Believe me I know.

Tools Needed:

Step 1  Connect the main power connector the the motherboard. Make sure the clip is on the outside and the arrows are lined up. See pic 1

Step 2  Plug the four pin square connector into its slot you will feel it click. Normally in the upper left corner of mobo. See pic 2.

Step 3 Plug in the disk drives and hard drives. With Your Sata or Pata/Ide Cables. Also go ahead and connect the power cables to them. They are the flat 4 pin connectors for Pata or flat black connectors for Sata. See pics 3 4 and 5.

Step 4 Make sure you have you Motherboards Manual for these cables. They are your Power Button/Led, Reset Button/Led, Internal Speaker and Front usb ports/audio ports. Very important to do these right. Make sure you keep all manuals and boxes. See pic 6

Step 5 Go ahead and connect fans to the power wires or mobo ports. Like so. See pic 7

Step 6 Double Check all connections twice. See pic 8

Step 7 Repeat step 6.

Step 8 After checking connections and tidying up wires. Go ahead and put on your side panel. But before make sure no fans have wires touching them. Pic 9

Next up Rear Connections.

Step 4: Rear Connections

Pretty explanatory but i will go over it. Now we are going to connect everything up to the back of the computer.

Things you will need:
Power Cable
Usb Cords to usb accessories.
Keyboard/Mouse Plug
Monitor Plug

Step 1 Examine the back of your computer to make sure you have everything. Pic 1

Step 2 Examine all wires that are to be plugged into the computer and make sure you have everything. Pic 2

Step 3 Start plugging in the components. I start with the Keyboard/mouse plug. Pic 3

Step 4
Plug in the monitors cord and screw it into place. Pic 4

Step 5 Plug in all Usb plugs that you want in the back. Also plug in the audio for the back.
Pic 5

Step 6 After making sure you have everything plugged in and right. Plug in the Power cord to the back. Make sure the power cord is plugged into a wall outlet. Pic 6 Make sure power switch is on.

Next up FINISH

Step 5:

Press the front power button and *Drum Roll* ITS ALIVE. Now i already had an Operating System installed on my computer and all drivers. So you will need to go through that for your particular setup. I will make another Instructable about Operating Systems soon. But if you cant wait I'm sure you can find how somewhere.  All constructive criticism is welcome. Trolls will be ignored. I don't care if your setup is better than mine. I would like to see it though. I made this instructable for people who don't know a lot about computers so before you chime in with your trolls keep that in mind. Thank you for viewing my first instructable and good luck with your computer.