How to Build a Granite Fireplace

Introduction: How to Build a Granite Fireplace

This Semi-instructional slideshow shows how to d-i-y a Granite Fireplace Surround for the ventless gas fireplace I purchased from Teh Homedespot.
As my walls are *custom* and the space is small, the design, engineering and fabrication were all up to me.
The slide show starts out with selecting stone and goes through dry fitting, and final assembly.

Tools you will need: level, square, assorted big bar clams, big stone saw, rotor hammer, shop vac, air hammer and stone pitching chisel, water cooled diamond hole saw, friend.
Optional but very useful tools: bigger stone saw on water table, 1 ton chain fall, piano dolly, second friend, good weather.
Materials used: bunch of granite, motor and mixing supplies, pins or all-thread, water, bucket, sponge, muriatic acid.
The implied stuff: PPE, glasses, ear protection, gloves, acid proof gloves or thick skin.

Full instructions to follow.

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