Introduction: How to Build a Aluminum Mouse Trap Car With Gears

Basic Materials Needed:

    1. 2X Mouse Traps
    2. 2X CD's
    3. Large Wire Spool 270mm Diameter (Cut middle out, keep sides as wheels)
    4. 45mm gears (Attach to the sides of wire spool)
    5. 60mm fly-wheel

MicroRAX Parts and Beams:

Obtain a micro Rax medium kit- all materials needed are as listed below

    1. Beams Needed:
      1. 3X 300mm
      2. 7X 100mm
      3. 3X 60mm
    2. Joining Plates Needed:
      1. 4X "L" joining plates
      2. 2X right angle brackets
      3. 2X truss joining plates
      4. 8X corner joining plates
    3. Screws Needed:
      1. 60 pan head cap screws
      2. 60 lock washers
      3. 32 nut plates

TETRIX Building System Parts Needed:

    1. C-Channel L: 96mm
    2. C-Channel L: 160mm
    3. 80 tooth gear (65.5mm Diameter)
    4. 40 tooth gear (33.75mm Diameter)
    5. 2 Axle hubs (Attached to the gears)
    6. 2X 6.35mm (Diameter) Axle - 100mm long

Step 1: Front Wheel Assembly

Take one of the gears and a CD and glue your CD to the inside of the gear and do this two times one for each wheel.

Get a piece of Tetrix C-Channel and your 1/4" axle, and rig the front wheel assembly together like in the 3rd photo.

Then attach a 100mm piece of microRAX to the inside of the Tetrix C-Channel.

Step 2: Framing Your Mouse Traps

Take 4X 100mm MicroRAX beams and your 2 mouse traps and frame the beams around them so it creates a box. Then use the appropriate corner joining plates and "L" Brackets to mount them together with the nut plates and socket head cap screws.

Step 3: Rear Wheel Assembly

Take your wire spool ends and your gears and mount the gears to the center of the wire spools that way you can put them on your axle later. 

Nest: Take a 160mm piece of Tetrix C-Channel and your fly wheel and gears as well as your axles and mount them to the Tetrix C-Channel in the gearing ration that you desire. 

After that's complete to a small hole and your flywheel and attach a small nail she can attach your string and when the lever arm gets to the end of its throw the string will fall off and not make your mousetrap go backwards once the string reaches the end and try to coil back on itself.

Then mount your fly wheel to your drive gears, then mount the wire spool wheels to the other axle, opposite of your drive axle.

Next, take the wheel assembly, then mount the Tetrix C-Channel on the outside to 3 pieces of 60mm MicroRAX beams. Look at the last few photos to see how its done. Then attach your 300mm MicroRAX beams so they extend out toward the front of what will be the car.

Step 4: Upper Lever Arm Assembly

Use 2 truss mounting brackets to attach the upper arm to the truss plates after sandwiching them together on the mouse trap arms.
then attach another 300mm beam to the 2 truss plates. Then attach another truss plate at the top and then mount another 100mm beam at a 45 degree angle with an "L" bracket on the end to put the loop of your rip cord string to.

Step 5: Putting It All Together

Attach the front wheel and rear wheel assembly to the mouse traps that you framed in step 2. 

Look at the pictures for direction how to do this. Make sure to use proper screws and nut plates.

Step 6: Ready, Set, GO!!!

Tie a loop on either end of a string once it is cut to the correct size, then put 1 end of the string on the nail on the fly wheel and the other end on the "L" bracket on the arm that acts as a hook. Then wrap your string, pull the arm back and let it rip!.