Introduction: How to Build a Remote Operating ALL-Terrain Robot for Under 300 Dollars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Have you ever watch those movies with robots in it? have you ever wanted to own one yourself and don't want to pay few thousand for 1? well, I'll show you how to make one and cost you less than 300 dollars thanks to th book 101 spy gadgets for the evil genius.

Step 1: Materials

Parts you'll need:
1) 1 micro wireless color spy camera kit. I got mine from for $39.95.

2) 1 RC Monster Truck.
3) 3 on/off switches.
4) 1 micro monitor.
5) 1 PSP aluminum carrying case or a bigger size carrying case.
6) Few steel plates or sheet steel, 12 by 24 will be the best.

7) 9-volt batteries and clip, at least 2.
8) Hot glue sticks
9) Solder
10) 2 4-AA Battery holder
11) Very thin wood
12) AA batteries, at least 8
13) Few male and female phone jacks.
14) Wires
15) Few pieces of cardboard.
16) Marker
17) Sand paper
18) Spray Paint, any color. (dark color will be good for this project)
19) Few bolts and nuts, at least 2.
20) Plastic wire holder.
21) Graph paper
22) Pencil
23) Tape
24) A 1-yard ruler
25) A pair of Scissor

Tools youll need:
1) Hot glue gun
2) Soldering gun or station
3) Metal cutter
4) Screw driver
5) Jigsaw
6) Amp Meter
7) Knife-grinder
8) Hole driller

Step 2: Procedures

Part 1--------Hacking the RC monster truck
1) Get the RC monster truck ready. Make sure the battery is fully charged and the RC transmitter is working properly.
2) Test the RC monster truck to see if its working properly.
3) Using a screw driver, unscrew the screws that hold the monster trucks cover. Look for some hidden screws and unscrew them. Take the cover off and put it somewhere else because well be building a new cover thats 10 times better. Keep the base.
4) Put the monster truck base aside for now.
Part 2---------Building an all-terrain weather proof cover
1) Using a pencil, draw a cover design on the graph paper.

2) Base on the design, draw shapes on the cardboard and cut it out with a scissor, and put it all together with tape. Make sure the design fit the monster trucks base. Make adjustment to the model if needed.
3) Remove the tape from the cardboard cover and trace each shape onto the sheet steel with a marker.
4) Ask the adult to use a jigsaw to cut the shapes out. Using a knife-grinder, smooth the edges so its not sharp.
5) Ask the adult to use the soldering iron or soldering gun to solder all the shapes. Make sure theres no gap anywhere. If solder wont work, then use woods and screws to hold them in place, like mine.
6) Using the leftover parts, cut out 5 small squares that are 3x3 inches. Solder or screw them onto the top or front of the cover, depend on where you want it to be.
7) Using the rest pieces of metal, build the robots head thatll have room for the mini-wireless camera, 9-volt battery, and a switch. Make sure its no bigger than 4inches long, 5 inches wide and 2.5 inches deep.
8) Using the hole driller, drill holes for the camera lens and the switch on the robot head, drill holes on the metal cover where it can be hold to the base with bolts and nuts.
9) Connect the robot head to the metal cover with a single bolt and nut.
10) Sand the cover and the robot head until surface is smooth and paintable. Using the spray paint, paint the whole cover and the robot head.
Part 3---------- Building the robot
1) Insert the camera head and the battery and the switch into the robot head. Place the cover on to the base and screw it in place. Make sure the base antenna is sticking out. Now the robot is done, lets move on.
Part 4----------Build a portable base station
1) Get the carrying case ready. Take every thing out of the case. Put the micro monitor, wireless camera receiver, and the 2 4-AA battery pack in it. Try and see if everything fits.
2) Using a jigsaw, cut, from the wooden plate, a small rectangle that fits exactly in the carrying case.
3) Cut a small square in the wooden plate thats the same size as the screen of the micro monitor.
4) Drill holes in the wooden plates for switches (1 for the wireless camera receiver, 1 for the micro monitor, 1 for the power) and the female phone jacks (1 for the micro monitor, 1 for the wireless camera receiver).
5) Using the metal cutter cut the connector of one of the AC or DC adapter that came with the camera kit. Add a male phone jack to the adaptor in the place of the original connector.
6) Plug the connector that was cut off from the adapter to the wireless camera receiver and connect the wires that are on the connector to a female phone jack. Also add in a switch.
7) Repeat step 5 and 6 with the AC or DC adapter thats used with the micro monitor.
8) Get the two battery holder and connect them together (red wire with red wire, black wire with black wire) and connect the wires to a male phone jack. You can repeat this step to make a back up battery.
9) Connect a male phone jack to a 9-volt battery.
10) Now put every thing back into the case and put the female connectors and switches on to the wooden plate. Hot glue them in place.
Part 5---------------Perform the task
1) Get the robot and the base station ready. Make sure all batteries are charged, including the backup battery.
2) Choose a outdoor spot you want your robot to explore.
3) If theres an AC power source nearby, use it instead of batteries.
4) Check everything. See if the robot can move. Check the base station to see if its working.
5) After checking, have your robot go on the ground. Use the RC transmitter and control the robot. Look only at the micro monitor for navigation.
6) If everything went ok, then youre done! You have build a all-terrain navigation robot!