Introduction: How to Build a Speaker in a Jar. (Kit)

I saw this kit online and really liked the uniqueness of it! They sell an assembled version and a kit version. I have never really been an electronics type guy and have never soldiered for example on a circuit board. This kit looked easy enough however and it really looked like a lot of fun so I bit and bought the kit version. I provided my own jar as we have a plethora of jars around our home as I can never seem to find a reason to get rid of one… ever! Yes you could say I have a have hoarding problem. :)

This kit requires a wide mouthed jar. If you want to they will sell you a jar with the kit so you don’t have to search one out separately.

This kit will not only work with mp3 devises but also with an adapter a guitar can be connected to it and serve as a mini amp.

I started the process by inventorying my parts and then started assembly. The first part to solder to the circuit board was the jack. Then following that was the two small connectors called headers. There is a strait one and a 90 degree one. These will connect to the speaker and battery compartment later on. The last item to be soldered to the bard is the switch which will allow the switching to and from mp3 mode to guitar mode as required.

When the board is done you will next attach the speaker to the mounting disk made of wood with two small pan head screws. After this the battery compartment will attach to the back of the speaker with two countersunk screws.

Now connect the two leads to the headers accordingly the speaker one and the battery one. Note: always verify you are connecting the red lead side to the positive pin on the header.

Now install the three AAA batteries (which they say will last 15 to 20 hours) and assemble the whole piece into the jar. Install the jar ring over the wood disk and plug in your cord. Plug your device into the jack and turn on the switch to appropriate device.

You control the volume on your device.

I loved this kit and I will be using this speaker for sure in my shop to listen to podcasts and different programs as I work.

Search Speaker in a jar to find the kit.