Introduction: How to Build a Quadcopter

Wouldn't you like to have a quadcopter that, with a flip of a switch, will fly a pre-programmed flight path? Sure there are ready to fly quadcopters and kits, but if you build a quadcopter from scratch, you will know exactly how it works. Since it is customized to how you want it, you are in control on how much it can do. Although straight out of a box is easier, you may have to modify it. In this instructable, you will learn how to build, program, and fly a quadcopter... and break them and fix them.

Step 1: The Parts

1. x650f quadcopter frame - $32.39
2. (4)D2830 1000 kv - $9.93
3. (4)30 amp turnigy esc - $12.03
4. APM 2.5.2 control board
5. (2 or 4)3s 2200mah turnigy battery - $19.99
6. 11x4.5 black props - $3.15
7. 11x4.5 blue props - $3.15
8. battery voltage alarm - $2.66
9. xt60 charging lead - $2.99
10. 10x10cm servo leads - $4.75
11. xt60 to 4 3.5mm bullet - $2.90

Step 2: Putting It Together

Assuming you have already bought all of the parts for this build...

Step 1. Lay all of the pieces out on a table that is not over carpet. Put the frame together using a

Step 3: Changing the Kk2.1 Board

This step will require some patience and time. On the kk2.1 board you will need to go into the menu and change all of the values the pictures that I have above. Once you do that, you will need to just fine tune it. For instance if the quadcopter is oscillating, then you will either need to change your P-gain or your I-gain. After all of the values are set right you can back out into the menu of the board. Whenever you are ready to fly, then just turn on your receiver, and the quadcopter. Then move the left stick to the bottom right position, and the board should say armed. You are now ready to fly!

I now have got an apm 2.5.2 board with gps on it. This way I can input coordinates into the board, and it will fly to them.

Step 4: Adding the Gimbal

Once you get the gimbal, you will need to plug the gimbal controller into the computer and change the values, or the gimbal will just constantly vibrate. once all of the values are set right the gimbal should be very smooth.