Introduction: How to Build a Fighter Jet in Minecraft

This is how to build a cool jet in Minecraft!!!

Step 1: The Wheels

Place one black wool somewhere. Then 5 blocks behind that, place a black wool block on either side of the block row from the first.

Step 2: Make a Base!!

Place two half slaps of quartz on the top half of the first wool block. Now place one block on top of the second half slab( not shown) then place a whole quartz block on the back side of that block. Break the first whole block.

Step 3: Build the Body!!

On top of the first black wool block, place a whole quarts block. On both sides of that block place whole blocks diagonaly towards the back of the jet. Then place 4 more quarts blocks behind those and fill in two more blocks from the back of the jet.( If that doesn't make sense just look at the picture).

Step 4: Add the Wings!!!

At the front of the jet, place three quartz stairs at the ends of the quartz blocks. Now on the sides of the first whole blocks on each side, place a half slab of quarts for each block you go back, until you have three. Then at the back add one half slab on each side of the last three blocks. To Add the tail wings just place a quarts block on the last row of quarts blocks, then place a quartz stair in front of and on top of the block.

Step 5: Make the Cab!!

I don't really feel like explaining the rest, so the pictures are pretty self explanatory, so good luck with this part.

Step 6: LAST STEP!!!!!

Place two GREY wool blocks on the back of the same blocks as the tail wings are on!

Step 7: FINISHED!!!!!!

This is what it should look like when you are finished! Thanks for looking and good luck!!!
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