Introduction: How to Build a Model Wooden Dinghy

This instructable serves as a guide to build a scale model of the wooden dinghy designed by Bob Darr, of Spaulding Boatworks in Sausalito, CA. Though the size is smaller, this process includes the same processes to build the full size dory. 

Step 1: Materials

marine grade plywood
copper nails
5 minute epoxy
Hand Plane
Pull saw
Sliding T-Bevel

Step 2: Making the Stem

Start with a solid piece of wood, 4 & 1/4 x 1/2 x 9/16 inches in diameter
Draw center line down the middle
Cut bevel lines on top and bottom. Top: 24 degrees, Bottom: 19 degrees
Connect bevel cuts with hand plane

Step 3: Make Bottom Side Planks

Cut two pieces of thin marine grade plywood, 2 x 40 inches in dimension. 
Mark bow and transom bevels. Bow: 24 degrees, Transom: 22 degrees
Leave excess on transom side
Cut ONLY bow bevel
Mark stations at intervals of 12 & 1/16, 12 & 3/16, 9 & 5/8 from each other, starting at the bow. 

Step 4: Make Transom Cleats

Make two transom cleats
Solid wood, 1/4 inch by 1/4 inch by 2 &1/8 inches
Bevel one side at 16 degrees
Glue in on transom bevel lines, inside of transom

Step 5: Make Transom

Use Marine grade plywood
Draw with following dimensions and cut with bandsaw or pullsaw

Step 6: Begin Forming Boat

Glue bottom planks to stem
Position boat molds so they line up with stations
Clamp molds to planks along stations, making sure everything is along center line.
Slide transom between bottom planks so it lays on transom cleats
Glue transom on

Step 7: Insert Thwarts

Place 3 evenly spaced thwarts (2 inches wide) in the boat 
Cut notches in bottom plank
Cut to length

Step 8: Add Top Planks

Find top plank 1 & 13/16 x 40 inches
measure 3/16 inch overlap between top and bottom planks, mark difference
Use hand plane to cut gain and bevel on planks, so Bow is flush, stations are angled, and transom is straight and overlapped
Glue planks on, and tighten with wooden clamps

Step 9: Thwarts and Bottom

Glue in thwarts once top planks are on
Plane bottom till perfectly flat
Rough cut the bottom ply
Glue on and fasten with weights

Step 10:

cut oarlocks and glue on in front of front two thwarts

Step 11:

Create false stem. 
make sure it is flush to original stem
add any artistic flair

Step 12:

enjoy your final product!