Introduction: How to Build a Pinewood Derby

If you have ever been a boyscout, then you probably know about a pinewood derby. If you havent heared of a pinewood derby, it is a good and fun way to provide entertainment for the whole family! A pinewood derby is a race track with a ramp at the start, and then you can race homemade wooden cars down the slope to the finish!

Step 1: Materials

10 ft or more of pinewood derby track
An object 4 ft high and wide enough on the top for the start of the track to lay on
2 wooden blocks
2 different colors of paint 
Wood cutting saw
4 pinewood derby wheels

Step 2: Procedure

Step one: Connect the tracks together and place the top on the item.
Step two: Carve the wooden blocks into two shapes, add the wheels, and paint them different colors. Be sure to sand them to make sure they are smooth.
Step three: Race the cars on the track and record who wins.