How to Build an Igloo




Introduction: How to Build an Igloo

Have you ever wanted to build an igloo? Well this instructable is just for you! For the first thing is your gonna want to have ALOT of snow and make sure its compatible. An easy way to test if it is or not is to make a snowball and see if it stays together well or even try making a snowman. 

Step 1: Gather Supplies

The first step is to gather your supplies. Your going to want a shovel, a bin of some sort to help transport snow, and an optional snow brick mold which can make your job a lot easier. Your also going to want to dress up very warm because this is kind of time consuming.

Step 2: Start

The second step is to gather your snow (this is where the shovel and bin come in handy) in a big pile and make your base. I personally like to have a thin layer of snow on the ground in my igloo so i am not sitting on grass. If you are using the snow brick mold you wanna make a circle of how big you want you want the inside of your igloo. After that you wanna start stacking the bricks on each other like how they do on a building. The pattern should be one brick sitting centered on top of two bricks. Ill provide a picture in case you don't get what i am saying. While building up make sure to start  shaping the bricks to lean inward to give you the dome look. If you think its becoming unstable get a few sticks to help prop up the walls on the inside so they don't fall. If your not using the snow brick mold you just want to do the same thing as if you were using the snow brick mold. Instead though you just want to pack it together in a circle and as you build up start shaping the wall to lean inward. Trust me on this if you are just going to pack it make sure to have sticks to hold up the walls.

Step 3: Still Building

Make sure when your building to leave a doorway so you can get inside. The doorway can later be reshaped to what you want. When you finally reach the top of the igloo there will be a hole that should be in the center of the roof or dome. What you need to do is to shape a piece of snow to fit that and then place it in. I really suggest putting the piece in from the top. If you cant reach pile some snow right next to your igloo and stand on that.

Step 4: Moving on to the Next Step

After you have your shape you wanna start packing snow on the outside into the small holes and indents in the igloo. Once your done with that smooth out the whole outside. After your done with that go inside and do the same. And after your done with that you wanna get a stick or a thin pole and poke some ventilation holes in your igloo. Trust me on this even though its cold outside it keeps the heat in. After you finish that step you got yourself a nice igloo! 

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    Tip 4 years ago on Introduction

    If you don’t have a “brick” mold, a plastic container or tuberware container works perfectly!