How to Build Small Model Ship From Kits




Introduction: How to Build Small Model Ship From Kits

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Solid hull is just another method of building. Solid hull, butter and bread, plank on bulkhead, plank on frame all have their value.

Solid hull kits have the beauty of construction flexibility. A beginner can take a solid hull kit and do almost nothing to fix up the shape of the hull (depends a bit on the manufacturer) and build a nice looking model. A more advanced modeler can take a solid hull and fine-tune the shape to build an accurate model. Do not underestimate what will be required to construct this kit. Solid hull shipbuilding is not the easy way.

Step 1: Open the Box

HMS Bounty Kit offers a well detailed, high quality model that is fun to build. Solid wood hull is pre-carved and perfectly shaped. Fine grained wooden dowels are provided for the masts and spars, and individual planking strips cover the deck. Authentically scaled fittings include metal parts, cotton rigging and silk-screened flags.

Step 2: Deck Planking and Suprastructures

Boat hull needs little sanding first. Strips of wood were added along the deck. You will need to continue with other small deck structures as shown in the video. Painting will be the last step.

Step 3: Masts, Sails and Rigging

Add the boat masts and sails.1:135 scale the model will be quite small but Bounty has fairly complex rigging.

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    5 years ago

    Someone downloaded the file, can you pass it to me? I could not download it


    7 years ago

    Nice tutorial, thanks for posting it. So far I build my ships in bottles from scratch but I kind of want to try a kit. I'm still learning and I figure there's no harm and I might learn something about the construction. I'm going to bookmark this post for later.


    7 years ago

    Indeed, I'll try to upload more.

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Nice tutorial on beginning ship building. I hope you will share more of your work.