Introduction: How to Build the Best Survival Bag.

This instructable will show you how to build a good survival bag, weather it's for a camping trip, WWZ, or WW3, this will get you through the long time in the woods. *NOTE* I am making this mainly for wooded area so if you are in the desert you may have to change some things, hope you have common sense! Oh, and this is my first instructable so please give me feedback!

Step 1: Food...

For food you will need some way of Cooking it and eating it(utensils not a mouth :) ) *Note this is not resupply... That will come later*

The way I cook my food is with a biolite camp stove, its great because it charges my phone also, but if you don't have that you can use a jet boil or if you don't have that you could build a campfire to cook off of with rocks and digging into the ground.

Utensils, for them you should either bring a spork (that's what I use) or something similar. For a bowl just use a silicone collapsible bowl.

For food you would want to pack some dried food, or some packed food like MRE's. You should bring at least the amount of food you need to eat every day but if you plan to resupply then only bring half to supplement it.

To start cooking you will need some way to start fire, I just use a lighter so bring one.

Step 2: Water

Although you should bring at LEAST 75 ounces per day to stay in the "hydrated" category, you can get water from some other ways so you don't have to carry it.

You should bring some extra ponchos or a tarp to collect rain water. To make a rain catcher with a poncho just make a frame with some sticks and then put the poncho on top with a bowl on the bottom.

Step 3: Shelter

Well you probably will need somewhere to stay so you should bring either a, tent, or a hammock depending on the weather in your area (The weather in my area is ever changing so I bring both)

Now you will probably be cold if you live in a cold area (me part of the time in my area) so you will want to bring with you a blanket, and a sleeping bag.

Step 4: Resupply

This is for more food, since I said how to get more water in the water segment.

There is many traps on instructables so I am not going to put one in this, so learn one of those to hunt with, don't forget fishing!

You will probably need a knife for making the snare or trap so that is why I included it in the picture.

Step 5: Extra

For this I put everything else you will need that didn't fit into the first four.

I think it is all self explanatory so I wont explain any of them.

Step 6: Backpack

Now you will want to place all of that stuff in a backpack, make it the right size by just finding out if there is space in the one you have or not enough and buying a new one.

Step 7: VOTE!!!!!!

Please like and vote for me if you liked this also comment any things I missed and any way you changed this. Again please vote:)

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