Introduction: How to Bypass a Refrigerator Water Filter in Under 10 Min.

I searched the internet forever trying to figure out a bypass solution and all I could find was bypass plugs. So here is a way to bypass if your leaking at the filter location or without the 30+ dollar plug.

Step 1: What You Need

- 1/4 inch water line (got mine at a second hand shop for a few dollars)
- Any type of razor blade
- Beveler or sandpaper (optional)
- About 10 min tops

Step 2: First You Will Need to Locate the Hoses Running to and From Your Filter Location.

Most filters are on the inside of the fridge side with two lines running down the back and out the bottom, then over to the gate valve where there are 5 connections. The first sticks out of the back for you to hook your house water line to. The second is right behind the first it goes to the filter since the water and ice are filtered. The third is in the back of the unit where the water comes from the filter which is then distributed to one of the two in the middle for water or ice.

Step 3: Now That You Have Located the Correct Lines Shut Off the Water and Disconnect Them.

After shutting off your water press the white rings that are sticking out of the blue to release the hoses. As far as them hoses go you can do what you want with them mine are still intact in case I want to filter again.

Step 4: Preparing Your (bypass)

You will only need about 6 to 9 inches of hose make sure you cut the ends close to even as possible. Now either with the razor blade beveler or sand paper bevel the ends (gives it a snugger fit). Now press the white ring on the receiving end in the back and push the line in till you hear or feel a small click and its in (almost done).

Step 5: Finishing Up

Now trim the other end to fit snuggly as before and press the white ring on the sending side closes to you. Now push the hose till (click). Now all that's left is clean up the little bits of scrap tubing and enjoy your new bypass.