Introduction: How to Camp in a Snow Cave

The essential guide on how to not freeze in a snow cave including:
-your campsite
-Proper clothes
-Key things to remember both when packing and camping

I do enjoy constructive criticism as this is my first instructable.

Step 1: Your Campsite

first you want to dig down in the snow about 5 ft. deep and 10x10 ft. area or larger if you prefer or if you have a larger group. it should have stairs up on the side or a hill. Add bench type area for cooking. Make sure to put a tarp up over your campsite.

Step 2: Snow Cave

Snow caves are a lot warmer than you would think and you can shape the ground to whatever way you feel to be most comfortable

Dig a hole big enough for everyone you're camping with to fit through. this is going to be your snow cave. dig in and up a little and poke a ventilation hole with a diameter of three fingers. There are two key rules you have to follow when building it unless you like swimming. at midnight. unwillingly. I've done it and i don't recommend it.

1)Make the roof domed. this is extremely important!

2)make a ditch around the perimeter. the water will roll off the dome into the ditch and not wake you up.

Step 3: Proper Clothes

important things to remember

c-keep your clothes CLEAN
l-dress in LAYERS
d-keep your clothes DRY

There is no one correct way to dress or best material





-If it gets wet it will still be warm

-not very pricey

-Breathable 10/10


-Some people find it itchy




-If it gets wet it will still be warm

-not very pricey



-Not as breathable as wool but still pretty breathable 7.5/10




-warms quickly


-Breathable 10/10

-Amazing as a sleeping bag liner. Makes a 15 degree bag a 0 degree bag(fairenheit)


-Gets wet and cools slightly

-Soaks quickly


hydrophobic materials





-breathable 0/10




-Breathable 10/10





-Pricey $$$

Handy clothes


-gloves not cotton

-waterproof jacket

-snow pants

-wool sweater

-snow boots

-propelyne/wool socks

+BRING MORE THAN ENOUGH SOCKS! change them before you get in your sleeping bag

-Thermal underwear




Step 4: Cooking

-keep it simple

+One pot meals
+avoid making a lot of dishes

-Keep hydrated

-Eat more than usual you will burn 4000-5000 calories a day.

Plan your meals keeping this in mind

Carbs 50%

Proteins 20%

Fats 30%

-Pack snacks high in fat/carbs/protein/calories

Step 5: Tips and Tricks

When you pack you want:

-Proper clothes

-Good food


-Ice saw

-Your normal camping items

-A 0 degree bag. trust me it has to say 0 degrees

- a fleece liner(optional)

-A wool blanket(optional)

-Sleeping mat or air mattress(Small it has to fit in your snow cave)

-Fire starting items AT LEAST 3

-Check out this instructable on how to stay warm