Introduction: How to Cast Aluminum Fish

Today I will be showing you how I make aluminum fish.

Step 1: Gather Materials

What you will need:

Tongs for picking up the crucible.

Poker for stirring charcoals if needed.

Pliers or channel locks for pouring.

Crucible to melt and hold the aluminum.

A different container for waste.

Welding gloves for protection.

Cupcake pan if you have extra aluminum.

A cast for the fish. I have a cast iron pan that has six fish.

Charcoal for of course heating the fire.

Step 2: Foundry

You'll need some sort of a foundry.

What I used was an air compressor tank I found in the woods cut about two thirds of the way down.

Then I cut a hole on the side towards the bottom where the pipe goes into the foundry.

At the end of the pipe I have a hair dryer duct taped to the pipe for an air blower.

Step 3: Begin Fireing

Put the charcoal into the foundry. I ended up putting about double into it than what is pictured. Then put lighter fluid in and light it up.

I just used an old cast I made of a toy boat. other ways of getting aluminum are melting cans which is how I got all of mine. There are also websites in which you can buy it from.

Step 4: Pouring!!

Now is the last step.

in order to pick the crucible up out of the foundry I suggest some sort of tongs about 3 feet long.

To pour I just use a pair of channel locks and slowly pour the metal into the cast.

You will want to wait about 10 to 15 minutes for the aluminum to become solid.

after you wait just pick it up and fully submerge it in water until you think it is cool it might take a minute if you do multiple because the water will get warmer and warmer.

Now your done enjoy your fish!!!!

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