Introduction: How to Catch Crickets!

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Have noisy chirping crickets in your basement or other place in the house?
Find out how to catch them with just leftover food and drinks!

Step 1: Drink Up!

If you have any bottled drinks like soda, water, or even tea, drink all but just a little bit of the drink.
Leave it in a populated area of crickets over night. (image 1)
After that you should find some crickets have found their way in for a little drink. Only thing is... They can't get out. (image 2)
I can't be sure that your crickets aren't so smart as to figure out how to get out, but it's very unlikely!

Step 2: Soup Anyone?

Yet another way to capture these chirping beasts is with none other than soup!
Place a bowl of just about any kind of soup. WITHOUT NOODLES!!! (image 1)
Again, leave it over night and see the results the next day. (image 2)
The deeper the bowl the less likely they are to escape.
See? They're not so hard to catch now are they?

Step 3: Continue...

Continue these steps and let them think they are welcome... Until you let them out...
WARNING: If you want them alive you should not use the soup as it is likely they will drown.

good luck!

The End! _