Introduction: How to Change RAM on Your HP 15 Netbook PC

I will be telling and showing you how to change your RAM on your HP 15 Netbook. It is vital that you have a few essential items you start.

  1. New, and correct type of RAM.
  2. A small-tipped Phillips screwdriver
  3. Anti-static wristband with grounding wire(Above is an example of one)
  4. Owners manual

Any damaged incurred from following these instructions are not my fault. If you are worried about damaging your machine please take it to a professional.

Step 1: Locate Type of RAM Your Netbook Is Running

To locate how much ram you are currently running with, and what type you will need will require a few steps.

  1. Locate how much ram you are currently using.
    1. Go to your start menu and open "File Explorer"
    2. Look at the left Quick Access Section. You will see 5 sections. Right click on "This PC" and open Properties.This will open your system control panel.
    3. Under the System section you will see four items; Processor, Installed memory(RAM), System type, Pen and Touch. If you want to increase the amount of RAM you have you, look at the Installed Memory (RAM) and see how much ram you currently have. 2 GB, 4 GB, 8 GB, 16 GB. If you have 16 GB you will not be able to upgrade it any farther. We will be proceeding assuming you have 4 GB of RAM.
  2. Locate the type of RAM you need.
    1. Using your Owners manual(if you do not have one: hp has an online one here). Chapter 5 is for customer self repair and part types. Memory Module is the section will will be needing
    2. Please proceed to follow the instructions on updating your Bios before proceeding onto the next step.
    3. The memory module you are using(PC3L)

Step 2: Safety Steps

Before you proceed to start working on your netbook please follow this safety steps.

  1. Unplug your power cord.
  2. Turn off your netbook.
  3. Touch a nearby metal object to discharge any static electricity.
  4. Put on your Anti-Static Wristband and connect the grounding wire to a nearby metal object.

Not doing any of these can be hazardous to you and your machine!

Step 3: Remove Your Battery

Another step to make sure nothing will damage your computer is to remove the battery from your computer!

  1. Using the image above as a view, please unlock the battery hold(Item 1) by moving the switch to the left
  2. Then proceed to "pop out" your battery by moving the opposite switch to the right(Item 2)
  3. Your battery will come out easily. Put it on a cool dry surface away from anything that holds an electrical or static charge that may harm it.(Picture 2 will show a netbook with a removed battery.)

Step 4: Locate the RAM Storage.

The RAM storage will be on the bottom of the netbook

  1. Flip over your netbook after making sure it is closed.
  2. If there is a rectangular cut out held in by two screws you will use that. if there is not you will need to remove the entire bottom case of the netbook.

Step 5: Removing the Cover

To remove the RAM cover

  1. Using your screw remove the two screws holding the cover to the netbook.
    1. Undo each screw little by little rotating which one you use! They will not come out completely one at a time!
  2. Once the screws are removed lightly pull the cover away, pulling it towards the side the screws are on.

Step 6: Removing Your RAM

You will have two slots for RAM sticks. The highest type of RAM a HP 15 Netbook can use is 8 GB RAM, however it can use two sticks, bringing the total up to 16 GBs.

  1. To remove the ram push the two metal clips away from the chip. The chip will then pop up to a 45 degree angle.
  2. pull it out at the same direction it is facing. Place the used ram in a safe location.

Step 7: Add the New RAM

For best results use the same type of RAM in both slots. Leaving one slot will not damage the machine

  1. To insert the new RAM put the stick in with the receptors sliding into machine at a 45 Degree angle
  2. Lightly press down on the stick without touching the capacitors.
  3. The Metal clips will click when the stick is in place.

Step 8: Replacing the Cover

To put the cover back on

  1. When putting the cover back on slide the notched side on
  2. Line up the screws and slowly screw them back on, rotating just as you did when removing them
  3. When the screws are about 3/4ths on check the cover, it should look like it is on completely.
  4. If it does not lightly press down on the sides and it should click it into place
  5. Resume and finish putting the screws back into the case.

Step 9: Connect Your Battery

Reconnecting your battery is as simple as removing it

  1. Line up the battery and gently push it back into position. you will hear one of the switches click.
  2. Lock the battery back into place using the lock.

Step 10: Restart Your Computer

To ensure that we have correctly installed the new ram we need to check the computer

  1. Turn your computer on
    1. If a blue error screen appears turn off your computer and redo the installation of the ram.
    2. If no error message appears recheck to make sure you have the correct ram stick
    3. If it appears after redoing the installation reinstall your previous ram stick
  2. If a blue Windows Update screen appears let it install and update your drivers! Its a good sign!

Step 11: Check RAM Amount

    To recheck your RAM amount we will be repeating an earlier step

    1. Press the start key and open File Explorer
    2. Using the Quick Access Bar right click This PC and open its properties.
    3. Look at how much ram you now have. If it has stayed the same repeat the installation
    4. If it has not congratulations you have now upgraded/downgraded your RAM!

    Step 12: Virus Scan Your Netbook

    Scan your computer to optimize performance of your new hardware!

    1. Open your virus protection program
    2. Start a scan for any virus' that may be on your computer
    3. If any are found remove them!

    Step 13: Defragment Your Hard Drive

    Defragmenting your hard drive will optimize your new ram sticks

    1. To defragment your hard drive go to your search menu and type in "Defragment"
    2. Click on Defragment and Optimize Drives
    3. Run the Dragmenter to organize your reserved memory

    Step 14: Restart Your Computer....AGAIN!

    Restart the computer

    1. restart your computer using your start menu. This will update any drivers that still need updated.

    Step 15: Have Fun!

    Have fun! This will let you run more programs at once!

    1. have fun multi tasking!