Introduction: How to Change an Eye Color in Photoshop

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In this instructable, I will be showing you how to change an eye color to any color you like.

Note: I did this in CS5 but should be achievable all the way back to PS7

Step 1: Picking a Starting Photo

For this instructable, your going to want a large, high-quality photo. I find that blue, or green work the best. Try to find one that has a lot of detail in the iris. I used the one below.

Step 2: Selecting the Eye

Use the pen too to outline the eye.

Then right-click and select "Choose Selection".
Click ok.

This will surround the eye with the spinning marquee.

Next click ctrl-J  Or cmd-J on mac

this will Duplicate the eye.

Now click Ctrl/Cmd - D
This will deselect the marquee.

Step 3: Changing the Color.

Now, Click layer > New Adjustment Layer > Hue/Saturation.

Now the on pop-up, click ok. This will change the side tab.

Slide the color slider till the eye itself is the color you want. The rest of the image will change color too, but don't worry. We will fix that in a minute.

Now, if the color is not and "Colorful" as you want, change the saturation up. This will add more color.

Now, too save the color to just the eye, click ctrl/cmd - E 

This will merge the adjustment layer and the eye layer. When you merge them, the color should only be applied to the eye.

Step 4:

Now, if there was any artifacts, or unwanted marks, you can use the the clone tool. You should end up with something like below.