Introduction: How to Change Pool Filter Sand

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Sometime the sand will need to be changed because it not filter enough water... This is my steps to be more prepared then ever to properly change internal sand.

Step 1: Pool Preparation Before Opening Filter

Before opening the head you need to be assured that your pool will not empty itself totally. For that there is a trick.

The nigh before preferably (for letting a long night to work for you)

- Stop your motor pump.
- Unplug motor pump.
- Close totally input/output water with the head valve handle on "closed" position.
- Close totally both source of pool water (handle on pool pointing filter hose).
- And finally open filter tank drain plug.

Step 2: Prepare for Intensive Work

The preparation is the key.
For helping you on this task you'll need an shop wet vacuum.
Don't forget to remove the filter from inside your vacuum.
Bring 3 to 4 bags of sand or special grain of glass for filter sand near your filter.
An average size of pump (1 horse Power) can handle 3 to 4 bags.

Step 3: Open Up Filter Head

- Unscrew the clamp (most of valves have 2 screws both side)
When you'll separate the head valve from your tank water from your pool will start to drain from the return jet.
What you'll need is to hold your head above your pool water level.
Here I attach it to my deck with an cord so I can work on next step without emptying my pool.

Step 4: Empty Your Filter Tank

If tank is not totally drain help it with your vacuum first by digging one side.
Then slowly empty with your vacuum.
If less than half of tank you can use your muscles to roll barrel slowly on there side half turn.
You will be able to gently fold plastics pipes an remove it from tank. Be carefull! It's extremely fragile!
Finish emptying sand by reverse upside down tank where you want to leave yours...
(in grass is not a good idea...)

Step 5: Refill

After cleaning everything put back in center your pipe and deploy it.
I use an paint can cover for covering the main pipe.
This will protect it against sand grain to enter it... (you don't want hard pieces through your pump impeller !)
Carefully fill it the put back tank drain cap.
Put back your head valve on pipe and reatach clamp.
Let it fill.

You will need to backwash then ringer it before put it back to filter mode...