How to Change Your Logon Background

Introduction: How to Change Your Logon Background

Group 1 from S17 will now teach you how to change the background in your login screen. This tutorial is tested on Windows 7 and the steps said in the video will be applicable to computers running on Windows 7 only. Otherwise, some terms maybe changed depending on the OS.

1. Open a Web browser. Any browser would do but it would be better to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
2. Go to this URL: Then, you will see a download webpage of Windows logon background changer.
3. Follow the normal steps in downloading.
4. Open the fileWin7LogonBackgroundChanger
5. Now, choose a picture to be set as background. You can choose pictures from the default folder or you can choose pictures of your own.
6. Once the picture is set, you can go back to the logon screen, by switching user, logging off or restarting, and see your new logon background.

Thanks for watching! We hope you liked our tutorial..

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