Introduction: How to Clean Gameboy Pocket.

Hi this guide will explain how to disassemble and clean your gameboy pocket.
Its very simple and easy.
NOTICE: I in no way own Pokemon, Gameboy, or any other trademarks . Those are all property of Nintendo, Game Freak.
I am also not responsible for any damage or injury which may occur while attempting this.
Proceed at your own risk.

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
-Cotton swab
-Old toothbrush
-Precision screwdriver:
             Phillips #00
             Screwdriver 1.5mm or Trigram scredriver
-Pen eraser,not in photo(
-Bottle cap .

Step 2: Unscrew.

Remove the first 6 screws of the back and put them in the bottle cap .
Then carefully separate the gameboy.
Now in the back part remove the metal plate and place the 4 screws in some safe place.
With the help of the screwdriver apply some pressure in the battery metal plate.Be very gentle.

Step 3: Front.

Be carefull with the cable,press the white thing until you feel its loose then remove the cable.
Remove the screws.And clean with the cotton swab the speaker.

Step 4: Bath Time!!

Scrub every gunk in the back with the aid of the toothbrush.Be carefull with the membranes.
Use medium hot water with a little of detergent of dishes.
Then dry every cornerwith a towel ,DO NOT USE A HAIR DRYER.

Front side water+cotton swab+Patience=Sucess

Step 5: Contacts

I only used a pen eraser ,its very effective.Dont scratch the contacts with abrasive stuff you migh damage them.

Step 6: Everything Back to the Place.

Everything back to the place.

Step 7: Test

Lets test out with a game.Use 2 AAA battery.If you dont see anything try the contrast button.Hope you liked!