Introduction: How to Clean a Hydration Bladder

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We all hate nasty hydration bladder water. This instructable will teach you how to clean your hydration bladder after using it so it doesn't get nasty. 

Step 1: Take It Apart

Empty all water out of it
Then take the mouth piece off, pull the hose out, etc.

Step 2: Bend the Hanger

You heard me- bend the hanger. 
Take a wire hanger and bend it into the shape seen in the picture. 

Before you use the hanger, shove a few pieces of paper towels into the opening. Move them around to get the majority of the water out.
Then use it as pictured.

Step 3: Clean the Hose

Tie a few knots on the end of a piece of paracord. 
To clean the hose run the paracord through it with the knots towards the end.  Pull it through and the knots will soak up any water/moisture left in the hose.
Then hang both up to dry.

Step 4: Clean Mouthpiece

Pinch the mouthpiece open and shake it like it owes you money.

Step 5: Wait

Wait until everything is dry, and then put it all back together.
It's just that simple.