How to Clean a Knife With Common Items.




Introduction: How to Clean a Knife With Common Items.

This is a simple way to clean knives.  This is not for commonly used knives unless they are just a little dirty it is made for collectors knives that you want to shine.

sorry for crappy photos my camera broke and i had to use my cell

Step 1: Supplies

a knife
2 glasses cloths (or normal cloth/paper towels i highly recommend the glasses cloth though)
a dish towel
a sink (not shown)

Step 2: Cleaning the Blade

Do all of this gently careful not to leave streaks.
1. soak 1 of the glasses cloths (DO NOT RING OUT GLASSES CLOTH do ring out normal towels)
2. GENTLY rub blade (not handle the water can damage wood and iron)
3. let set for 3 secs (if you dry immediatly it leaves streaks)
4. GENTLY dry blade with soft cloth

Step 3: Cleaning the Case

1. Wet one side with wet glasses cloth
2. Dry with dish towels it will leave streaks but don't rub more just let it set for a few secs
3. repeat on other side and it shines beautifully

Step 4: Making a Nice Setting

Rules for a good setting

1. Do not over do it with a million things
2. Do not put so few things that no one looks at it
3. Do not leave wide open areas.
4. I find a good backdrop (in my case books) makes people look at it
5. I also found that something in front (in my case belt buckles) makes people look
6. Make sure the knives are the center piece

Step 5: Q and A

If you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment.

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Shoot me an email at! I wanna talk with you about that Case knife. I've been a collector for about 6 years of Case knife's and that looks pretty interesting. Interested in selling?

    jackman 007
    jackman 007

    12 years ago on Step 5

    i have a knife that looks similar to the bulldog knife and heres a description of it it has two blades one on either side and 1 is shorter than the other it has a plastic handel but it looks like wood it has the same shield thing as the bulldog knife on the shield side on the longest blade it has printed I then a small star then XL on the base of the blade there is this I XL GOEGE WOSTENHOLM SHEFIELD on the other side it has oil the joints and on the smaller blade it has I XL GOERGE WOSTENHOLM


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

     Nice i don't believe the knife you have is a collectors it might be collectors edition which i don't like because they are mass produced.  I only get the hard to find limited edition or prototypes my use around the house knife is collectors edition but i didn't post it. so here is a photo it has 1 corinthians 1:18 on the blade not carved in just plated on it and its just the verse number not the verse