How to Clean a Peanut Butter Jar




Introduction: How to Clean a Peanut Butter Jar

If you ever need to clean a peanut butter jar here is a quick way.

Step 1: Egg Shells

Toss some egg shells into the jar. Two or three should do fine.

Step 2: Water

Add a little warm water from the tap. Fill the jar about 1/3 full and put the top back on.

Step 3: Shake

Shake the jar for about a minuet or so. The egg shells will break up and scrub the sides of the jar. Try to get the water to slosh back and forth, not swirl.

Step 4: Rinse and Repeat

Pour the water and shells out into a strainer of some sort. Notice how the shells broke into smaller pieces. At this point you might want to repeat step 3.

Step 5: Finished:

Now you have a nice clean jar. There might still be some residue left but it will wipe out pretty easy. At lest a lot better then before you started.

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    8 years ago

    or, just put it infront of the dog


    Reply 1 year ago

    The best laugh I've had in months.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    When I've got a small amount of peanut butter left I make satay or noddles with peanut sauce.

    Remove as much peanut butter as possible with a spoon. Then put hot water into the jar, put the lid on and swish the water around. The water will dissolve the peanut butter. Pour that hot water-peanut butter mix into a bowl with the rest of the peanut butter and mix until all of the peanut butter has dissolved. (It should be about the consistency of heavy cream). Add additional peanut butter or water if necessary to adjust the consistency. Then add some soy sauce, sesame oil, hot sauce, and chopped scallions and you've got a delicious topping for noodles or meat.

    Cautions - the jar will be hot so take care. The plastic will start to melt and the jar will deform if the water's really hot.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I clean out my peanut butter jars by squirting some liquid dishwashing soap in and filling them with water. Let it sit for a few hours. With time and a little soap, they rinse right out. To remove the adhesive left from the label, I use vm&p naptha (available at paint stores).