Introduction: How to Clean Chewing Gum Stains From Your Clothes; It's Easy ( + Video Inside)

We all like and need chewing gum (ok, some people like TicTacs only :) ) but oh boy do we hate it when gum gets on our clothes.
It happened to me, I sat right on a gum at a concert. I thought it ruined my pants. Tried to scrub it with a knife off, washed it afterwards... NO USE!

Until I came across a new method to clean those stains:

Step 1: Useless Normal Washing

Yeah, my pants have been washed yet the gum stain still remains.
I was considering to throw them, yet they were too comfortable to give up.

Step 2: 2

Take a bottle of vinegar.

Take a glass and fill a small part of it

Step 3: 3

Heat the glass of vinegar using microwaves or what you wish

Careful, use a cloth if the glass is to warm.

Step 4: 4

now use a an old toothbrush you don't need any more,
dip it in the warm vinegar
start to scrub the gum stain area.

Step 5: 5

Now put them in the washing machine and wash them normally.

After the pants dried up, you will notice that the chewing gum stain is gone.