Introduction: How to Clean Up You Roomba and Replace the Main Parts

This instructable will teach you how to get the power back to your Roomba to continue doing nothing else than watching the robot cleaning your apartment.

To get started, you need the basic Roomba replacement parts (if necessary for you, you can also just clean the ones assembled in your Roomba). You will need a screwdriver to remove the brushes.

Step 1: Replace the Brushes

To replace the brushes you need a screwdriver. Just unscrew the screw until the whole brush set pops out. You may need to remove some hairs that are caught under the yellow brush holder.

Beware: Don't be too rough to the screw, stop tightening it before it breaks.

Step 2: Replace the Brush Roles

To remove the brush roles, remove the dust collector from your Roomba and flip it upside down. To access the roles, you have to push ob the yellow buttons on the sides of the green gitter.

Now you can remove the roles by pushing one side up to the center. Only one side of every role can be lifted, you may have to figure out the correct side.

Step 3: Clean the Brush Roles

If you don't have new brush roles to replace your old ones, you have to clean them. The red tool show on the image in the introduction is a nice tool to get rid of hairs and other stuff caught in the brushes.

Step 4: Clean the Roles Box

In my case, the green box was very dirty and also some plastic from the roles itself were "melted" to the box, what is causing some spinning issues since the role is not able to move properly.

Just use a flannel to get rid of the dirt. You may use a knife to remove the plastic deposits.

Step 5: Clean the Dust Collector

To clean or replace the dust collector, just push the yellow buttons to the center. The filter will pop out and you can clean it or add a new one.

Step 6: Re-assemble

If your are done cleaning all your parts, just re-assemble them as you removed them.

Step 7: Done

Now your Roomba is like new. It will clean your room as good at the first day! Relax, grab something to drink and watch your robot doing the work for you.