Introduction: How to Clean Water Mixer

We all suffer from the problem of poor water I will talk to you on how to clean the mixer water from the inside

Step 1: Make Sure the Refinery

Beginning must ensure the cleanliness of the refinery
It's good there is no dirt

Step 2: Tools Need

Step 3:

First, close the valve that feeds water mixer
After this take off the cover of the screw at the hands of the mixer
Then brought allen key and enter it into the slot leading to the screw
Then drag the hand mixer to top
You will see the screw inside and directed by the inspecting Beware

Step 4:

Here must first decode the cover of the water adapter
After this break brass nut and directed

Step 5:

You may now remove the water adapter
Then see a way out of water you will see some small dirt
Clean it by your finger
Then, open the water valve to pay dirt
You'll see that the force of water increased after cleaning
Then close the valve again
Now look at the adapter and make sure it is free of dirt

Step 6:

You can now return the adapter to the place, but make sure installed correctly
Then install the copper nut
Then installation of adapter cover
Then install the hand mixer by pressing
Then put the screw on the allen key so as not to miss
And insert slot leading to the place of installation and then the intensity
Then install the cover of the slot by pressing it

Step 7: Finish

Now open water
And see the difference

Step 8:

I hope that you like an objective
And I'm sorry for my English
Because they are not good enough
Please comment on the subject