Introduction: How to Clean Your Keyboard ?

Good morning.

For my first post to the community, I chose a simple Instructable: How to clean you keyboard ?
Nothing much to it, right. But when it is time... It is time ;-)

These are simple and straight forward instructions to follow. Here we go. First gather the tools together :
- The right screwdriver.
- A used toothbrush.
- The dirty keyboard...

Step 1: Remove the Screws. All the Screws.

1. Dismantle your keyboard.

Most of the keyboard are made in the same fashion nowadays so I thought the picture below should be self-explanatory. This is pretty easy but before to do it gather a box to put the screws in it and grab an adequate screwdriver.

Check for all the screws location before to start removing them. They are all in the back but some are also underneath the keys sometimes. There is a screw underneath my Tab key here...

Step 2: The Dismantled Keyboard.

2. Once you managed to remove the screws. You can split the keyboard in half. The upper half is most the time the one which need cleaning...

If during the separation of the two parts, you feel it is hard to remove that is maybe because you forgot one screw or two. Check again for them. It must go off gently. Nothing must be broken at this stage of your maintenance actions.

Now that it is separated. You have two choices: Cleaning by hand with a toothbrush or put it in the dishwasher. Up to you. Dishwasher seems a bit violent anyway. Don't use violent stuff such as alcohol. Use soap or shampoo, it is fun and smell good. Most of the germs will go off.

I would not advice to clean the rubber sensitive part (the white part herein below). If it works leave it be. A bit of cleaning with a dry paint brush will do. So no washing up and no warm air either.

Once it is all clean it is time for drying. On the top of heater or gently with a hairdryer. Now that it is clean and dry. We can check all the parts and rebuild it. Check if you are missing some keys before rebuild. Check if there is nothing left...

Step 3: Checking and Putting the Screws Back.

Now that we are sure that the keyboard layout is clean and dry, and well rebuilt, it is time for testing. At this stage you can put a screw or two back just to have something strong enough to test. By test I mean plugging in the computer and test the typing. Make absolutely sure everything is dried. Ok, once testing is complete. We can put all the screws back.
That is it. Our keyboard is done.As you can see on the picture sometimes it is quiet handy to have twice the same keyboard. This way you'll always have one clean... And one to clean.

Once again the purpose of this is to avoid the removal of the keys.The purpose is to make a quick and sufficient clean up. Hope this instructable has been useful and enjoyable to you.