Introduction: How to Connect Raspberry Pi Over Serial Port?

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Heloooo^^ ! Today i'm gonna show how to connect your rpi with Serial, so you can access it's terminal
You need: 

- Breadboard
- Cables
- Connectors, so you can attach them to pins
- five 0.1 uF capacitors (i used the ceramic ones)
- MAX3232CPE or SP3232ECP or similiar
- ofc Raspberry Pi (Both A and B models work)

Step 1: Putting Things to Breadbeard

Now try to build that thing on the picture, it's the easy and large version
EDIT: Where are the squares, there are 0.1 uF capacitors missing, cuz i lost them(old picture)

Step 2: Cables

Make cables so you can connect them to Raspberry Pi GPIO header
I reccomend you look at GPIO pinout, so you don't accidentaly put the connector to 5v pin

Step 3: Connect!

Now connect that serial cable to your computer,
I reccomend that you change baud rate to 115200 cuz it's faster
Using Unix Screen:

sudo screen /dev/ttyS0 38400

i'm kinda lazy, i have so much time to type here about KiTTY/PuTTy :3


Sometimes, really, screen f*cks your mind
Look at picture(it's LINUX program "top")
Really, idk what to do... It sometimes comes(especially with very old computers, like i have), but try to switch port :) it works sometimes
EDIT: Slightly working solution: sudo rmmod serio_rw; sudo modprobe serio_rw