Introduction: How to Connect Ps3 Remote on Android (root)

How to connect your ps3 remote on your Android device for play ANY GAMES ?

-Ps3 remote
-Android device root :-)
-Adaptor USB to miniUSB
-Recharge cable USB for the PS3 remote
-sixaxis compatibility Checker(free) and sixaxis controller(paid)

Step 1: Check

Install app and launch she.
Push start and click authorise on super user
Wait the result.

Step 2: Connect Remote

Download sixaxis controller.
Connect your ps3 remote.
Press start on sixaxis and the remote.
Press change IME and configure/sixaxis controller.
Press pair/pair
Disconnect USB cable.

Step 3: Finish

Go to parameters/preferences/touch emulation/edit touch profile.
Double tap for menu/change background/"make a screenshot of the game"/double tap for menu/add bouton.
Save(the sixaxis keyboard doesn't function go to parameter and deactivate him)
Go to principal menu/none/your savings/(reactivate sixaxis keyboard)


Sorry for by screen he is dead :-)

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