How to Conveniently Hang Almost Anything With LEGO and Sugru - USB Cable Desk Tidy




Introduction: How to Conveniently Hang Almost Anything With LEGO and Sugru - USB Cable Desk Tidy

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LEGO is awesome, but making a USB cable desk tidy with LEGO is even more awesome !!!!!

tissue paper

Why sugru is good for this:
1: bonds to ABS brilliantly :)
2: bonds to most other materials
3: you can remove sugru from most non porous surfaces without leaving any marks

Take note: Unlike LEGO, sugru isn't a toy. While it's still soft and squidgy, sugru is for grownups, not kids, so keep it away from those little guys. Once sugru has had time to cure, it's safe for everyone.

Step 1: Step by Step

you need 2 pieces of LEGO for this, one to bond to your USB cable and the other to your monitor.

I recommend that you use the flat pieces and the small double piece is perfect for this project.

1: Make 2 small sausages of sugru the length of the LEGO pieces.

2: Press 1 piece of sugru firmly onto the back of one LEGO block and the second piece onto the front of the other.

3: Make a mini pyramid from the sugru with your fingers. (This will help you get a good bond in the next step)

4: Press the sugru firmly onto the end of your USB cable and the other onto the side of your monitor making sure you get a good bond.

5: Finally, gently press the sugru around the edges to get a nice surface finish.

5: Leave both to cure overnight.

Step 2: Enjoy :)

Once cured, you can easily pop your LEGO USB cable on and off your monitor, yay, a tidy desk :)

Step 3: Sugru Is Removable :)

sugru is super easy to remove, and if the surface is non porous, should leave no marks or residue.

1: Cut off the sugru using a sharp blade or knife.

2: Use the back of your finger nails to scrape off the remaining sugru.

3: Use a dry tissue paper to wipe the remaining residue off.

4: If there is still some residue, use a baby wipe to wipe the surface.

Step 4: Printable A4 Step by Step (PDF)

We also made a lovely print friendly PDF of this project, you can download it form our blog here, I hope you like it :)

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome idea! If you mounted this on the monitor at an angle (so that the cable didn't hang straight down), you could make several mounts without the cables overlapping.