Introduction: How to Convert Redrum Beat to a Wave File

This is how to convert your reason beat to a wave file you can use and even put on your ipod

Step 1: Copying Pattern to Track

Right click on the redrum and select copy pattern to track

Step 2: Disable Pattern Button

Disable pattern button on the redrum (so it's not lit up) the pattern button is different from the enable pattern section button

Step 3: Moving the "e" Cursor

Move your "e" cursor (in the song sequencer) from the end of the project to the end of your beat

Step 4: Export Song As Audio File

Click on file and select export song as an audio file

Step 5: Save on Desktop

Name and save the file on your desktop

Step 6: Set the Settings

Set export audio settings to 44,100 hz and 16 bit then press ok

Step 7: Finished!

Your file is now ready on your desktop for whatever you want to do with it