Introduction: How to Convert to Intermittent Windshield Wiper (kia Pride)

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This instructable is for making the fix wiper movement of older cars (mine is a 1998 kia pride) to have an intermittent movement. The fix is easy because it is installed near the wiper switch and cheap because it costs me only 90 PHP or around 2 USD only.

Step 1: Prepare the Tools and the Materials.

A. Tools
     Multimeter - for examining the car's wiper control circuit.
      Soldering Iron - for building the delay circuit.
B. Materials 
     Resistors (all are 1/4W) - 100K, 4K, 10K, 3.3K
     1 variable resistor, 250K
     1 electrolytic capacitor, 24V, 100uF
     1 2N4403 transistor
     1 2N4401 transistor
     1 1N4002 diode
     1 5A Relay, SPDT type
     Soldering lead

Step 2: Build the Delay Circuit

Build the delay circuit according to the schematic and photo provided on this step.
Note that I did not use a PCB in order to make the construction compact.
Use a masking tape to fix the other components on the sides of the relay then solder.

Step 3: Label the Wires and Cover the Construction.

Attach labels on the wires according to the connection of the schematic provided in step 2.
After attaching the label, cover the construction by tape so to make it insulated.

Step 4: Find the Wires to Be Connected in Your Car.

Remove the lever switches covers in the steering wheel assembly.
Find the wires to be cut and connected to the delay circuit. The attached schematic in this step is your guide.
Hint: By turning on/off the wiper switch, monitor the voltages in the connector to find the right wire.

Step 5: Last Step: Connect the Delay Circuit

Connect the delay circuit as shown on the attached schematic.

Note: You can replace the variable resistor of the delay circuit into a volume control knob in order to adjust the delay while driving. In my case, I just leaved it fix first until I have time to plan where to put the variable resistor in the car.