Introduction: How to Convert Unix Timestamps Automatically and in Realtime to Human-readable Dates

As a software developer you may know this problem: You have to deal with ugly timestamp formats all the time. When you have to work with unix timestamps (past seconds sind 01.01.1970 to now) you have to use random online converters to get an idea of the real date behind the huge second counter.

This instructable will teach you, how to automatically convert unix timestamps in realtime to human readable data to read it in the same second you copy the timestamp using AutoHotkey.

Step 1: Download and Install AutoHotkey

AutoHotkey is a small program that allows you to script some stupid things you repeat all the time in a very nice way. To get run AutoHotkey scripts you need the AutoHotkey client. You can get it here:

Just download the executable, install the software in your favorite destionation and you are done.

Step 2: Install the Script

  1. Download the script here:
  2. Save it to your preferred location on your computer, name it .ahk
  3. Double click the file, AutoHotkey should recognize it automatically

Step 3: Use the Script

Once you are done, just copy a unix timestamp like this: 1437316180. A new window displaying the human readable date behind the timestamp should appear immediately! Bam! Stop wasting time converting data you dont want to convert.

Step 4: Edit the Script

You may wonder that the box with the date appears on a weird position on the screen. You can change the location of the window by updating the X and Y coordinate of the box. Just open the script and edit the position, check the screenshot to get an idea where you have to modify it.

I use a two-rows height task bar and 6 monitors. With this configuration the window fits "behind" the tab bar perfectly: