Introduction: How to Cook Cereal

About: **I Am Radioactv Biohazard.** I like to make cool things out of usually disposable stuff. Like, making a Altoids box into a iPod carrier / disguise.

This is dragonblue80 and i'm going to teach you how to cook cereal.

Not to brag, but I am the BEST EVER at cooking cereal. I'll teach you to have somewhat of my skill at cooking cereal.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

First, you must gather the required materials.

- A Bowl (Required)
- A Spoon (Required)
- A Box of Cereal (Required)
- Milk (Optional)
- A Christian Heavy Metal CD (Required)

Step 2: Cook!

1)Place your bowl in a convenient area.
2)Open the box of cereal (make sure the bag is opened, to.)
3)Pour the cereal in the bowl before the milk.
4)Pour the milk in so the cereal rises about 0.5cm YES, I want you to take out a ruler and measure
this until your a pro.
5) Congratulations, you've just cooked a bowl of cereal. Your parents will be so proud.