Introduction: How to Cool Down Onkyo Receiver


Onkyo receivers have serious problems with over heating.

I highly recommend to you, to do something like this.

This cost me 0€/$ and works perfect!

And what is so special on this project? Fans go ON & OFF with receiver and they are inside of case ;)!!!

You must disable HDMI Thru!

Step 1:

I found this cables with 12V on HDMI motherboard.

For protect connections I used Sugru.

Step 2:

I had to remove PC/VGA connector, because there is not enough space for another fan.

Step 3:

A little bit modified fan holder;)

Step 4:

Both fans are connected to new 12V wires.

The left fan is original and blows up/out.

The right fan I add and blows down.

They are a little bit noisy. But unheard when I listen music or watch movies.

Some day I would maybe upgrade with 4 slim and quite fans.

Step 5: