Introduction: How to Copy Text From an Image/Photo

Some times we need to copy the text from an image file and we find it difficult in recreating/typing the text. But this can be done in a simpler way without installing any new software into your system. There is a web service which can be installed as an app for the chrome users, then it would be much more simpler to copy any text from an image, can extract text from any kind of graph with the following tricks.

After installing this app in the browser, scroll down and place your mouse on the image where exactly the text is, right click and then you get the menu items to select Copy text, Select all, Language, translate, options. So to select all the text in the photo, click the select all option. Copy the text and paste wherever you wish to, If you would like to google search the copied text click on the Search option. If you would like to edit the text in the image itself then click on the translate option and then click on modify text, If you want to remove the text from the photo, just click on the erase text option.If you want to read out loud the text in the photo, go to Translate menu item and click on speak text option If you want to change the language , go to Language menu itemyou can even disable to right click option on any image.

Watch the attached Video on How to install the Project Naptha App

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