Introduction: How to Create Ludo Football

Ludo football is a game based on the classic game Ludo, and football. In Football Ludo, there are 4 teams. There are two eams on each side, and they face two teams that are on the other side. Depending on what you roll, you can either move fowards or backwards. It is very simalar to regular Football.

Step 1: Gameboard

The board an be any kind of sturdy material. In ou prototype, we used cardboard.

Step 2: Game Board Design

The game board is divided up into 4 different parts. There is a red, blue, green and yellow part of the board. The red team is the "Arizona Cardinals", the yellow eam is the "Pittsburgh Steelers", the green eam is he "Green ay Packers", and the blue team is the "New England Patriots".

Step 3: Game Pieces

For game pieces, there is two dice and 12 pawns, 3 per player. The green team has green pawns, the red team has red pawns, the yellow team has yellow pawns, and he blue team has blue pawns.

Step 4: Dice

The dice that we use for the game are standard dice, with 6 sides.
The six sides are as follows:
- 1x forward
- 2x forward
- 3x forward
- 1x backwards
- 2x backwards
- switch sides
The different motions are meant to simulate a football games, in which you can move from side to side, as well as forwads and backwards.

Step 5: Rules

Basic Rules
1. 4 players
2. Each player gets 3 pieces
3. Everybody rolls he dice, whoever has the highest roll goes first, whoever rolls the lowest goes last.
4. You must roll a 6 in order to put a piece on the board
5. The winner is the first person to reach the opponents end zone on he other side of the board.