Introduction: How to Create Peacock Styled Stunning Indian Mehndi Design

We are usually quite accustomed to seeing lavish and intricate designs using mehandi during weddings but there are also some very simple Indian mehndi designs that can be done on any occasion and that look equally beautiful too. These designs require very less time and are usually short and sweet ones that add a hint of colour to the hands but do not clutter or fill up the hands too much.

This is a step by step tutorial on how to create the Indian mehndi design of a peacock.The peacock design probably is the most common Indian mehndi design since peacock is the most vibrant bird of India. Here the artist gives the design a twist blending the traditional unique motif with modern outlook, spacing out the design so that the peacock stands out on the palm. Here the mehndi has not been applied to the entire hand yet it looks elegant and can be worn for weddings or any functions. This design can be worn by any age group and even on western outfit.

Tips to make the mehndi tattoo darker:

Since henna is a plant and mehndi is a plant extract paste, the natural color is orange-ish but the colour can vary from red to dark brown and even black depending on the body heat level of the person. But if you feel you are not someone who’s hands are very warm, we have some tips here which will help you redden the Indian mehndi design you just saw!

1. Do not let the hand come in contact with water post application for at least 6 hours.

2. Post application let it dry completely and then dab it with a cotton swab soaked in lime juice-sugar syrup. This will help it stick on the skin for a longer time.

3. Post drying, you can shed it and then apply coconut oil over it.

Later during the day, apply some vapour rub over it to provide it with that extra heat.