Introduction: How to Create Romantic Touch in Wedding

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A Romantic Touch to a Wedding - Gel Candles Centerpiece

What's a wedding without a romantic touch! No wedding can be complete without a glow of romance in the air. Candles can transform a simple meal into a Romantic Candle light dinner. Although it is the era of electricity but no one can deny the beauty of Candles.

In this instructable, I am sharing a simple, creative and yet quite inexpensive way to change a simple wedding arrangement into a Romantic one. I am going to display a centerpiece that can be arranged for Guests' tables, Dinner Table or Stage Table for Bride and Groom. It can be used in Western weddings or in Traditional Eastern Weddings at night-time or some closed venue.

Step 1: Things You Will Need:

For Candles

Empty Aluminium Cans (longer ones)
Gel Wax
Simple Candle Wax
Candle Wick
Candle Scent
Gems in different colors
Bowls for heating the wax
Spoon for stirring the wax
Square/Rectangular tray
Knife for cutting the wax

For Centerpiece

Pearls and Beads in different colors
Glitter in different colors
Some colorful Stones
A Large Glass Dish for each table (Round/Square)
Small Glass Bowls (2) for each table or more
Simple Small Flowers like Vinca or Rose Petals

For Table

Table Cloth Dyed in Different Colors (Larger than the table)
Black Silk Fabric (Cut in Strip)
Red Fabric Square piece (Larger than the Glass Bowl)

and ofcourse Water for floating the candles!

Step 2: Making the Candles Moulds (For 1 Table Only)

Floating Candles are easily available in market but to make something different, one need to follow a different plan.

For making floating moulds, take an empty aluminium can and wash it and dry.

First cut it top. For that, make a hole first, then insert your scissors in it and cut off the top. Be careful with tin edges.

Cut from bottom too but keep the one inch bottom area so it will make another floating candle later on.

Now take the middle piece and cut it in half.

Take a small bottle that is smaller than the tin piece and its bottom just right for a floating candle. Put a tin piece beneath it in the center.

Fold the tin piece upwards, making folds in it.

It will take your strength but the result is worth it.

Fold all sides up, making altogether about 4.

It must have 1 inch walls to put gel in it.

Repeat the same process with second piece of tin.

Now you have 3 floating moulds (2 folded, 1 bottom of can).

Take another can and repeat step one and you will have 6 moulds in the end.

Take another can and cut only top piece, it will make the center candle.

Step 3: Preparing the Candle Wick

Melt some ordinary candle wax in a bowl according to Manufacturer's instructions.

Put the candle wick in it, so it can absorb the melted wax.

Take it out quickly and let it harden.

Hang it somewhere so it won't touch anything.

When it dries, the wick will be straight as a needle.(I think that is the right idiom :) !)

Step 4: Making the Candles

Melt the gel wax in a bowl following the Manufacturer's instructions.

Pour some elegant scent in it like of flowers or of your choice.

Take a spoon and fill the floating moulds with gel wax about half inch only.

Pour the gel wax in center candle mould leaving an inch only.

When the gel wax is half cool, insert the candle wick in candles.

Cut the extra wick.

Use a scissor to keep the strand straight in longer candle.

Step 5: Finishing the Candles

For Center Candle

Take gems in different colors.

Use glue to paste them on center candle when completely cooled.

Make a design or just paste randomly covering the whole candle.

Floating Candles

Take a tray and pour melted gel wax in it about half inch only. Let it set completely.

Use a knife to take the set wax out on a plastic sheet.

With knife cut it in long strips about half cm wide.

Then cut the other way to make small squares.

Separate the pieces with your fingers.

Fill all the candles up with gel squares and then the candles are ready.

Step 6: Preparing the Table

First cover table with Dyed Fabric.

Spread Black Silk fabric in the center as a strip.

In its center, place Square Red Fabric Piece, rotating a bit.

Now its time to place Glass Dish on it. Alternate its corners with red piece.

Put Folds' floating candles in it.

Put different types of sequins in it.

Add some beads and stones.

Sprinkle some sequins on the Red fabric too to add some sparkle.

Place Long Candle in the center.

Fill up the dish half with water.

Dust glitter on the candles and on water too.

Also put some flowers in water.

For Smaller Bowls

Put some beads and sequins in small glass bowls.

Place in simple floating candle one in each.

Fill in the water.

Add some glitter.

Place the small bowls on the Black Silk fabric near Center Dish.

Step 7: Lighting Up!

When everything is set on the wedding location and the guests are ready to arrive, Lit up the candles. As there are gems in the center of floating candles, so when you lit them, they will sparkle and create more romantic and dazzling look to the tables.

I am sure this instructable will definitely help you in your wedding or your friends' or loved one's wedding!

You can add some other touches to it like I have another idea with Bride Groom Snowglobe in center of dish instead of Candle.

Beautiful laces or ribbons can be stitched to the Black and Red fabrics to create more delicate and finished look! So try them too! And I am really looking forward for you guys to share some photos of your events using this instructable!

Have a Good, Happy and Romantic Life!

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